Monday, March 30, 2009


So after we took Kaiya to the aquarium and saw how much she loves fish we decided to get her, her own little fish tank. Now every morning we wake up to her talking to her fish. It's way cute.

Kaiya Loves tv. Yes it's sad but she LOVES IT. So I thought it was funny to see her just sitting on her knees staring at the tv.

We were getting ready for someone to come pick up our dog kennel. Brett had just cleaned it out and Kaiya decided to crawl in it. Don't worry we didn't leave her in there. But I thought it made for a funny picture.


Brett and I realized it had been awhile since we had been to the beach. which is sad since it's only 5 miles away. So before a big thunderstorm was suppose to hit Saturday afternoon we took Kaiya down. The water was still freezing so it was sad that she didn't get to really play in the water since she loves water so much. But she seemed to really enjoy looking around. She is always so aware of new surroundings.

Sleepy Girl

So two days in a row Kaiya fell asleep in her jumper, It was sooooo cute. I love the one of her sucking her thumb.

Monday, March 16, 2009

What a Day!

Last Saturday I woke up to breakfast in Bed from my Awesome husband. Then we got up and headed to the Aquarium. It was so much fun. Kaiya is very alert and loves to see knew things, but I didn't think she would love it as much as she did. I am sure the pictures and video will show you better then I can. Needless to say we are glad we got a year pass to take her back. Plus it works at the zoo too. YAY!

Tryin New Foods

Kaiya has been trying some new foods lately. She even used a spoon with Mac and Cheese. Well for the first few bites then she threw it and used her hands.

A Day at the park

Okay so I have been slacking on updating my blog. Not last Saturday but the Saturday before that it was in the 70's. It was SOOOO nice. We took kaiya to the park and let her try and the swing and slide. We didn't get much of a reaction from her either way. But when we took her down by the ducks she was all smiles.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


So This is the Canvas I made for my Sister in Law's wedding.

Slowly But Surely

Kaiya just started walking with her little push thing last night. I think its just so funny because she is still so small. I just can't believe she will be walking soon. AWWW I love her!!

Escape To Grandma's

Well We decided to get out of town again for the weekend. We went to Fayetteville to hang out with Brett's family. It was a nice weekend. We even got to relax in the Hot Tub. I forgot for the most part to take pictures but here is Kaiya in her swim suit before the hot tub.