Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Kaiya Rocks out to Nursery Rhymes

Kaiya's Friend Birthday Party

Last night we had Kaiya's friend party. It was soooo much fun!!. She had a lot of friends to play with in the pool. We took our BBQ and Bar down to the pool and had a cook out. Kaiya enjoyed every minute of it. Kaiya, Brett and I are all so lucky to have such great friends out here. I made a slide show of pictures and a second one just for her cake. Kaiya got a big chunk of frosting on her arm and was dipping pieces of cake in it haha. I also have to give a Thanks to Mary Helen for coming and decorating my cake. I baked it...Long story with that, but then since she does such an awesome job frosting I had her come do it before the party started. I think it turned out Waaaay Cute!! I still can't believe Kaiya is already 1 ahhh!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Father's Day

So for Father's day we first went to church where I had to give a talk...which always makes me soooo nervous. Then we came home ate lunch and just hung out. Later that evening we all went to the park. It was fun to watch the kids get so excited over all the turtles and watch Sadie Chase the ducks everywhere. I got some cute pictures of Brett and Kaiya. Brett is such an amazing Dad. I couldn't ask for a better Dad for Kaiya. He is always willing to help out with diapers, feeding and wouldn't miss out on a minute of getting down and playing with her. You can see every time Brett walks in the room Kaiya's face light up. I know she loves her Daddy and thinks the world of him. No matter who is holding her, Including me, if Brett walks in the room she will fuss until he comes and gets her. which is nice, it gives Mommy a Break :) We Love You Brett!!

Beach Day

Saturday we went to the beach with Brett's sister Becky and her two kids Logan and Sadie. We went later in the evening when it cooled down from the over 100 temperature and people started to clear out. It was so much fun. Becky's little girl Sadie ran around chasing all of the seagulls, Logan swam, and Kaiya well she sat and dug like a dog haha. We all had a great time.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Happy 1st Birthday Kaiya!!

Today was Kaiya's first birthday...YAY. I can't believe it's been a whole year since she was born. It has been one amazing year and I couldn't ask for a more sweeter, happier good baby. To start the day out I woke up and was making Brett lunch and I heard Kaiya wake up. Then I heard her start to cry, so I went to her room and couldn't get the door open. Something was in the way...It was kaiya. Yup she had climbed or fallen out of her crib this morning and was crying at the door because she couldn't get out. Once I picked her up she stopped crying and started to laugh. So she obviously wasn't hurt. I took a few videos of her opening presents and eating cake. Today was a pretty simple party with Just Brett and I, her actual birthday party is this up coming Monday so expect more pictures and video's to come.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I can't help but Laugh

Kaiya is always sooo giggly and making us all laugh.

What a Saturday

For our anniversary Brett took me to the Melting Pot. We had only been there once before a long time ago just for dessert with friends. It was so fun to have the whole dinning experience. But with the cost of it we won't be doing it again for a long time :( After wards we went to the beach and walked around for a bit. we had a lightning storm coming from one side of the beach and fireworks from the other end, It was a really fun night.

Earlier in the day we had taken Kaiya down to the aquarium again. They got their new Albino Alligator that Brett was dying to see. It's so fun to watch how much she just loves that aquarium. Their a section you can put your hands and pet the different fish. All these little kids were too scared and their Mom's were trying to convince them by pointing out that "the baby is even doing it" Kaiya just dives right in. She also again decided to smash her face at us through the stroller so we got it on video this time ENJOY!

This picture I had to do separate because I think it's so cute how they are checking each other out.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Look Who's walking

I can't believe she will be 1, in one week. AHHHHH! Every time we turned on the camera she wouldn't walk for us. But today for some reason she really wanted the inserts to my swim suit top. So we were able to get her on camera... I knew those things were good for something.

Our Silly Girl Update

Her new crazy tongue face!

One of the many times I found her naked at nap time

Playing with her Monkey, she takes that thing every where

Karate Girl

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Yesterday Was Brett and I's 2nd Anniversary. Man do I love that man. He got me a bouquet of roses last cause he said he just couldn't wait haha. Well they didn't make it to our Anniversary so I got another bouquet of flowers yesterday along with an amazing piece of cheesecake. I have such an amazing husband, I love him more then I knew was possible. The other day we were listening to the radio and a Brad Paisley song came on that we hadn't heard before. In the end Brett turned to me and said can that please be our song. So here is the song.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


We took Kaiya for a walk in the park last night. I forgot my camera so I had to use my cell phone. Some of the shots are delayed. Either way she LOVED it. She climbed up all the slides. She wasn't a fan of going down them. But if you put her at the bottom of any slide she would climb all the way to the top. One of the pictures because of the delay looks like Kaiya is sad but she was just trying to be funny. We were walking pushing her in the stroller and when we looked down she had stuck her face up against the screen and was making faces at us. She kept laughing and then would smash her face again. She thought she was just a crack up...well and so did we. Kaiya has such a fun personality I LOVE IT!!