Friday, March 28, 2008


we had a really nice Easter weekend. We went to Brett's Parents house for the weekend. Brett and his friend Jason took me out fishing. I didn't catch anything :( But I still enjoyed just being out in nature. Then later that night we Colored Eggs. Which I think Brett enjoyed more the the grandkids haha. Sunday we went to church and then came back to a good old BBQ. YUMMY. Brett did a very good job at the grill. Most of all it was nice to just go some where and relax. I even got to use my Mother in Laws Big Jetted Tub. Thank you again. It felt so good to just soak for awhile.

Stories of a Pregnant Women.

6 months pregnant

Kaiya and her Kicking

Well our little Monkey ( as Brett likes to call her) has started to be quite the little kicker. For awhile there she was kinda shy about here kicking. She only did it when It was just me and her and nobody was around. Or she would stop as soon as Brett put his hand on my belly. Well one morning when Brett and I had first woken up he reached over and put his hand on my belly and Kaiya gave him a big kick. I think it made his day. Since then she isn't to shy. I had a dr appointment yesterday and she wasn't doing much kicking at all, but as soon as she put the Doppler on my belly Kaiya gave it a big hard kick. I think it even took the dr by surprise. Her next funny timing on kicking leads me into my next story.


Yes that is right I burnt my big fat pregnant belly. I was making pasta last night and as I was trying to poor the boiling water in to the strainer it started to poor out on my belly. I guess I wasn't holding it right. Either way it hurt so bad. So I got some ice and wrapped it up in a paper towel and went and laid down to try to cool it off. Well I guess from hot to cold Kaiya wasn't to happy with it. She kept kicking where I had the ice. But whither she liked it or not, I kept the ice on. It just hurt to bad with out it. Now I have two lovely burn marks on my already not so lovely pregnant belly.

Hail or Hell

Let me first say how I don't think I am in my right mind lately. Brett will be telling me something and I just don't get it. He seems to be getting so frustrated because to him he feels it should be so obvious. So a couple weeks ago my friend asked me to teach her primary class at church which is the 7 year olds. Our lesson was on prayer. Well I was going through things we could pray that we are thankful. One of the girls in the class turned to me and said well you would say that we are thankful for hell. Well I don't know why it wasn't obvious to me that she said Hell. I thought she said Hail, as in the weather. Maybe it was the good old souther accent but either way I took it wrong. I then proceeded to tell the girls why we should be thankful for HAIL. That I knew it could seem kinda scary but that it was really fun. I don't know what else was said, but I do know I made a pretty good case on why HAIL was so great. Until I noticed I had about 5 very confused faces looking back at me. At this time I realized what I had done. Hoping it wasn't too late I tried to explain to them that I thought they said Hail not Hell, and that Hell is bad not fun. Well if It could be worse of course the bishops daughter is in the class. So I decided to go and turn my self in to him about what I had done. I recommended their next family home evening be on how Hell is so great after all.

Well Dates to look forward to this next month are

April 4th & 5th We finally get to move to a bigger apartment ( YAY)
April 16th Brett's Birthday and we get another Ultra Sound that morning of Kaiya
April 19th My First Baby Shower
April 26th Brett's Family Baby Shower :)

Hopefully all of this will make this next month just fly by.