Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Finally...my little bird.

So I have been meaning to make Kaiya a dress to match her cousin's dresses I made. I finally got to it today. I am so sad that they don't sell this fabric anymore because it has to be one of my favorite dresses I have made. Oh well, so is life. It was a little windy when we went out so the photo shoot was short lived. Oh and she finally got her fruit snacks, so she cared more about those then anything else.

Fruit Snack Addiction

Kaiya is addicted to fruit snacks. Everytime she comes in the kitchen its "nack nack" We have such a hard time getting her to eat, except fruit snacks. That's all she would eat if we would let her. So this is my typical morning. Kaiya coming in, getting into the pantry getting a "nack" me putting it back her crying, begging "nack nack"

Family walk on the beach

The weather was pretty good this weekend, so we decided to take a family walk on the beach. Kaiya was pretty tired so she wanted to be held the whole time, but I got some pretty cute pictures.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Aw life has been busy

So between school, Kaiya, sewing and Brett I have been staying pretty busy. But I love it all. Life is good!!

I need to start updating my blog more regularly. This post will be mainly pictures. Oh and I also started selling clothes. Just by word of mouth for now. BUt I started a sewing blog so pass it along, or just check out what I am up to. WWW.madebymommie.blogspot.com

Okay now that is out of the way. First I am so proud of Brett. He is taking 5 classes this semester while going to work full time. One of his classes, Psychology, was a block schedule class so much faster, But he still managed to get an A. YAY Brett. He seriously is amazing. He still finds time to play with Kaiya and I and help around the house. Man I am a lucky girl.

Kaiya Kaiya Kaiya, oh what a fun fun fun girl. She has been a little bit more cranky lately but man is she funny. She is talking more and more and always has us laughing. She loves books. I am constantly finding her sitting on a cushion or in a chair reading a book. She also loves the park, especially the slide. So on to the pictures!