Monday, November 24, 2008

Girls Night out

So I got my first girls night out since I had Kaiya. Thursday night a bunch of friends were going to the Mid night showing of Twilight. I had told Brett I would wait to go with him since he loves to go to the movie theater and I always turn him down. But after a day of being thrown up on by Kaiya. Plus the little girl I watch has had an ear ache. So basically a week of sick babies I needed to get out. Brett said he didn't really care to see it. So last minute I called up the Girls and got me a ticket. It was so nice to get out. I felt a little Nerdy being at a midnight showing with a bunch of teenage girls all over posters of Edward. But it was a pretty good movie ( not nearly as good as the book). Plus I got out. I was very happy though when I got home at 3 in the morning to get to crawl in bed with my own Edward and not a picture of me against a poster haha. I wasn't to happy when Kaiya got up at 6 only 3 hours later :(. So I saw this Twilight spoof on my niece Anneka's blog and I thought it was so funny I decided to add it here.
I will put the original and then the spoof so you can see just how funny it is.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

My poor little Kaiya

My poor Kaiya sleeping on the Dr table

Kaiya is Sick :(. This is her first time. She has been blowing out and through diapers right and left the last couple of days. Has warn have of her wardrobe in the process too. But this morning I decided its finally time to take her in when she threw up all over, and I mean a lot. I think more then she actually drank. It was so sad. After she looked up at me and smile. My sweet little girl. Even through the last few days she hasn't been cranky about it. She just smiles and laughs as Mommy cleans her up. But she did cuddle up with me this morning after I got her cleaned and fell right back asleep. So I hope its just a little bug and nothing to big.

Monday, November 17, 2008


So it had been a little bit since Brett and I had a game night. So last minute we decided to call some friends and through one together. I made some Chocolate Hazelnut Popcorn, Apple Cinnamon muffins and pulled out the games. We had a lot of fun, and a nice escape to the recent stress on my mind. Although our apartment is a little small for it all the kids seem to have fun playing allowing us to enjoy our time together. I realized I don't have many pictures of my friends out here and needed to get some. Brett and I have been so lucky to find some awesome couples to hang out with here in Wilmington.

a lot of the pictures turned out blurry ( I need a better camera). So these are the only pictures I ended up with.


Well I gave it another try. I made a loaf of Bread to test out the recipe. When it actually turned out I decided to give Bread Bowls another try. They actually turned out too. So then I had to made Homemade soup and have a few friends over to try it all out. I had 3 friends over for lunch and they all have babies, plus mine and the one I baby sit. We had a Total of 5 babies just crawling/walking/sitting around. It was a nice break to the day to have some grown up time.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


So I know this post may stir a lot of deep feelings for many. But I just feel I need to get a few things off my chest. Last night Brett came home from work pretty upset. He said he had read an article about protest going on outside of our Temple in California. So today I decided to look up the article he was talking about. It completely broke my heart. Our church as been through so much to get to where we are. I don't want to get into to many details on Prop 8. I just know as members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Later day Saints, we really truly are taught to love and respect everyone. I know I have had MANY friends that are gay. I still love them as much as any of my friends that are not. There were many religions speaking out against Gay marriage being legalized. It hurts so bad that our church is the one being attacked back for standing up for our beliefs. I just think the trouble with it all is that you start to mix religion with government. I have heard a lot of people say " You wouldn't dare tell blacks or Jews that they can't get married" Well you are right because that isn't against my religious beliefs. I wouldn't be putting other people in the position to marry people that may be against their beliefs. This is the part that actually brought tears to my eyes, "For every $5 donated, Jean said, a postcard will be sent to the president of the Mormon church condemning "the reprehensible role the Church of Latter-day Saints leadership played in denying all Californians equal rights". If you have the same beliefs as us or not, how could you do this to a Man who has given his life to God. I can only Imagine if they had said donate 5 dollars and we will send a postcard to the Pope, how many people would be angry. But since it is to the "Mormon" church people tend to look the other way. 90 percent of Religious groups teach that Marriage is between a Man and a Women. Hate is something Satan encourages not God. It only makes me wonder why Satan has gone to such extreme to put so much Hate towards The church of Jesus Christ of Later day Saints.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Family Time

After church Brett and I decided we needed some good ole family time. We have both had a very busy week and just wanted to get out of the house and enjoy some time together. So we took a blanket and went down to the beach to play cards and take some pictures. It was so nice to just be together and have nothing else going on.

Love the Jacket

I love this little jacket on Kaiya that I just had to post a picture. Not to mention we caught her with her tongue out. It's her new thing. She loves to stick out her tongue ALL THE TIME!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Kaiya's Christmas Stocking

YAY I finished Kaiya's Christmas Stocking in time to get to use it this year. I think it turned out pretty darn cute!

Takin Pictures

So I was taking pictures of Kaiya. When I set the Camera down I looked back and she had sat up on her own for the first time. I was pretty funny. Because as you can tell she was laying back pretty far. Anyways I was just pretty excited I got the camera back out and got a snap of it.


Well Brett and I, when we first met use to take random pictures of us all the time. So the other night we decided it was about time we had an updated one haha.


Well Kaiya's friend Kylee ( who is a week younger then her) stopped by. We happened to have them both in just diapers while getting them into Pj's and decided it was a great time for a photo shoot.

My new Job

So about two weeks ago I took a job babysitting an 8 month old. Lets just say life got a lot busier. All though it is challenging I am so blessed that it gives me the chance to stay home with Kaiya.


This was my attempt at making homemade potato and bacon soup in a Homemade Bread bowl. I need to practice the Bread bowl a little more haha. Anyone have any good easy recipes for Bread bowls?

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I voted!!

After a little bit of time and figuring out I was at the wrong place, I voted. Kaiya seemed to enjoy all the attention from everyone in the line and all the workers. But man was I bored. But hey in the end I got my vote in and Kaiya and I both got a sticker.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Happy Halloween!!

This year Halloween was kinda uneventful for us. I got Kaiya dressed up in her Butterfly costume and we went to Costco with a friend and her boys. Then I went to Trunk or Treat at the Church. Brett had to work but showed up for the end of it. Then we just hung out at home the rest of the night. But either way I think Kaiya just looked adorable in her Costume. I will need to get some other pictures on here of her in it. But I just have the one for now.