Wednesday, November 19, 2008

My poor little Kaiya

My poor Kaiya sleeping on the Dr table

Kaiya is Sick :(. This is her first time. She has been blowing out and through diapers right and left the last couple of days. Has warn have of her wardrobe in the process too. But this morning I decided its finally time to take her in when she threw up all over, and I mean a lot. I think more then she actually drank. It was so sad. After she looked up at me and smile. My sweet little girl. Even through the last few days she hasn't been cranky about it. She just smiles and laughs as Mommy cleans her up. But she did cuddle up with me this morning after I got her cleaned and fell right back asleep. So I hope its just a little bug and nothing to big.


sarah hornacek said...

poor little sweetie...that is the worst. kyri had it so bad last year on christmas day! we actually ended up taking her to the e.r. because it was so bad. it took about 5 days to finally get better...the diaper rash was the worst part. i hope kaiya gets better soon!

Amy said...

Oh your poor little babe! She is so sweet, I hope that it passes quickly for her And you. Don't you hate having to just watch them be sick and not do anything? good thing for snuggles.

Misty said...

That's so sad she was sick, but she looks so sweet and calm in this photo. Very Cute!