Monday, November 24, 2008

Girls Night out

So I got my first girls night out since I had Kaiya. Thursday night a bunch of friends were going to the Mid night showing of Twilight. I had told Brett I would wait to go with him since he loves to go to the movie theater and I always turn him down. But after a day of being thrown up on by Kaiya. Plus the little girl I watch has had an ear ache. So basically a week of sick babies I needed to get out. Brett said he didn't really care to see it. So last minute I called up the Girls and got me a ticket. It was so nice to get out. I felt a little Nerdy being at a midnight showing with a bunch of teenage girls all over posters of Edward. But it was a pretty good movie ( not nearly as good as the book). Plus I got out. I was very happy though when I got home at 3 in the morning to get to crawl in bed with my own Edward and not a picture of me against a poster haha. I wasn't to happy when Kaiya got up at 6 only 3 hours later :(. So I saw this Twilight spoof on my niece Anneka's blog and I thought it was so funny I decided to add it here.
I will put the original and then the spoof so you can see just how funny it is.

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