Monday, December 1, 2008

Pre Holiday Madness

Well I could go on and on about what a crazy day last Wednesday was, but I rather not relive it. So I will just make this brief. I had two sick babies crying and fussying all day. Well thats saying it lightly, Kaiya was screaming. She threw up all over her crib, all over me, poor thing. all this was going on while I was making 3 well should have been 4 pies and 2 cheese balls. I say should of been 4 because in the middle of all the madness I was trying to put a pumpkin pie in the oven and dropped it all over my floor and oven. I had made an extra pumpkin pie just for home, which I had already taken a slice out of to try, because I was trying a new recipe I wanted to make sure it was okay before making one to take to my in laws. Well it was good :) and I dropped the second one, so I had to take a pie missing a slice with me. Thank goodness my Apple and Cherry pie turned out, that I had something else to take. OH and my cheese balls turned out sooo yummy!! I will have to make those again :)

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