Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas in Utah

Let it Snow Let it Snow Let it snow! That song will forever remind me of Christmas this year. From the day we arrived until pretty much the day we left it Snowed. There was no dreaming of a white Christmas it was there. While we were there we went to a couple family parties. It was so good to see cousins, aunts uncles, grandparents and give Kaiya the chance to meet them all. We rented a car for the first few days. Then Kaiya got sick with the adjustment to a higher altitude and dry air. So we spent the rest of the time pretty much in doors back and forth from my sisters house to my parents. Which on Christmas day alone it snowed about a foot and a half to two feet. CRAZY!! I will say the -3 one night made me very jealous of the 70 degree weather they were getting back home in NC. Well My sister's family got Kaiya a really really cute bear that was the highlight of her Christmas. She loved the bear and good ole Mom (me) left it on the plane. So we have been calling around trying to get it back :( I feel so bad. She did get a few other presents too that she liked. Most of all she loved all the attention from friends and family. We enjoyed seeing friends and family. But after a delay at the airport and not getting back until 2 in the morning. We are happy to be home. I never realized how much I love North Carolina until I was gone.

Brett's Grandpa who is 92 met us at the airport to say goodbye. Here is a picture of him with Kaiya. She was so intrigued by him.

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