Thursday, August 26, 2010

Open for business

AHHH so I finally decided to listen to the advice of friends and start up a etsy store for my little girl clothes. I am nervous about it, it's like putting your heart on the line. Anyways I am going to be start a blog for my store. But in the mean time here is my etsy store address

So if you know of anyone with little girls, or you have one or two or three ;) check it out. Also I do custom orders so just let me know.

Thanks for all the support!

Heather and Brian

Oh where to start, where to start. So Brett, Kaiya and I have been sooo lucky to have the most amazing neighbors anyone could ever ask for. They have become some of our best friends, and it is so fun to be able to have the right across the street from us. We can call them for anything. We get together for dinner quite often and play games. Its nice to be able to randomly text someone to come out and enjoy a heat lightning storm with you. We actually did that last week. All got our beach chairs sat out on the lawn and just hung out and talked and enjoyed the night. They LOVE Kaiya so much and have been so good to her. They are always there for us. They take us out on their jetski, bought me a bike, they even came over last night to watch kaiya so Brett and I could sneak out to the beach for a night together. But its not these things that make them the best neighbors ever, its that you know they are just the most kind people. They don't do it to get anything in return, they just sincerly care and with me not having any of my family living within a days drive its nice to feel like I have family across the street. So THANK YOU Heather and Brian for all you do

The ups and downs of summer.

Wow life has been BUSY lately, but to be honest I LOVE IT. This summer went soo fast. It started off with our 2 week vacation to Utah which was so needed and so much fun. We got to visit with a lot of friends and went to bear lake for about 4 days with my family. It was so nice for us to get to just relax and hang out with everyone. Brett and I LOVED watching Kaiya get to play with her Cousins. Kaiya in turned 2 while we were out there. Such a big girl! Brett was able to go horse back riding with my family ( I was prego at the time so I didn't get to :( ) We went exploring a cave and even though it was sooo cold even went to a water park where Brett, my brother in law Mark and my two brothers did a lot of platform diving. We got to visit the zoo while we were out there with our friends Celena and Travis and their cute little girl Reagan. We got to stay with our good friends the Calusons. I could go on and on about all the friends we saw and places we went, but needless to say it was nice.

Good times

Everyone in my family except my oldest Brother Travis his wife and their 3 kids.

I LOVE this picture of Kaiya, she is growing up so fast!

My Crazy brave husband...He's pretty rad!

We got to celebrate Father's day out in Utah too. It was a pretty relaxing day. After Church we went to the park. My Mom and Dad came with us. I love these pictures of Brett and Brett and Kaiya.

Once we got home from Utah life stayed pretty busy. As I posted before we found out the week after we got home that I had lost the baby. But that didn't seem to slow anything down. That weekend we Had Brett's sister Cathi and her husband Scott with their 4 kids down to go to the beach

Then we all went up to Bretts parents house for the 4th of July. I wish I had taken better pictures but none of them turned out all that great. But it was a ton of fun. Then we came home Monday Night and I had my surgery on Tuesday Morning. Then Brett's sister Rachel and her friend Catherine came down to help and and hit up the beach. It was a lot of fun, and great to have a distraction. The next weekend our plumbing went out, hey you got to have some bad mixed in with all that fun. The weekend after that Brett's sister Becky came down with her 3 kids and Rachel his other sister came again. Sadly Becky's husband couldn't make it, but well it didn't stop us from having a ton of fun. our AWESOME neighbors, which I will dedicate an entire entry to later, took us all out on their jetski for the day. We all had a good time, but after 6 hours we came home pretty burnt. What made it even worse was that our AC was out when we got home and didn't get fixed for a week lately.

The next weekend we house sat for some friends of ours at church. The weekend after that Brett's other sister ( yes another one, actually he has 7) came down with her husband and 3 girls. I didn't get any pictures :( but we had another great day at the beack, and once again our amazing neighbor showed up with her jetski allowing everyone to make some pretty great memories.

Oh and I had a birthday I forgot, but it was awesome. I made myself a raspberry cheesecake that was sooo good. We went out with our neighbors for Mexican food and then I went to the church to help out with our Youth Group. When I got home those same awesome neighbors were waiting for me with a Bike. Yes people that is right they worked it all out with my husband and they got me a Bike for my birthday. I am sooo lucky to have them in my life, and not just for the jet ski rides and the bike.

I keep waiting for everything to slow down but it hasn't yet. School started and that is keeping me just as busy as every. I also started a store on etsy and signed up to sell mary Kay. Yes I know I am crazy. Oh and I joined the book club. Brett is always trying to get me to slow down, I think he just might need to try a little harder :D