Friday, May 30, 2008

Friday Morning

Beach Trip, I called up some girls from my ward to head out to the beach. I took the 3 girls I babysit and YAY Brett got to come too. We only spent a few hours there, but it was a lot of fun. Here are some pictures of Brett and I.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

They Buzzed my Baby!!!

Today I had to go in for a Non Stress Test, for Kaiya. I have had a lot of itching so they have done some test to see if I may have a liver problem. Well until the test comes back they need to monitor Kaiya twice a week. So this morning in we went. I guess she was having a little nap but the nurse wanted me to count her kicks. Kinda hard to do when your little one is sleep. So after getting my strapped to the heart monitor, this nurse just started buzzing my belly. Well Kaiya would jump and she would say I bet ya felt that. Like it was funny. Well she buzzed her about 4 more times then left. Kaiya's heart rate was going crazy ( as mine would be if I was buzzed from my sleep) and man did that little girl move. But it wasn't long before she settled back down, heart rate went down and off to what I can assume was la la land. So here comes the nurse and decides to buzz her a few more times. Up with the heart rate, arms and legs. The rest of the time I think she knew better then to try to go back to sleep. So instead she kicked the monitor our of place. Of course getting us both in trouble that they made us stay longer since she had interrupted the monitoring. Needless to say she is just fine. Now we get to do it all over again next Tuesday. Well unless we get the results back sooner and they are good.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Ultra Sound

well I would love to be able to add a picture to this posting, But I can't. Let me just get this off my chest first. I was so mad at our ultra sound tech. I know she was just going to check on my Placenta, but come on. She could have at least let us see her just once. Brett even got out of work for it. We have been so excited for 6 weeks to see our little monkey and all we got was a nice shot of a placenta :( But now on a plus side, The placenta finally moved. They still want it to move a little bit more, but said I am cleared enough that I won't need a C section. YAY. Now I just got to figure out how I am going to get through labor :)

Move Baby!!

So I am going to be a very worried Mother. On Memorial Day I didn't really feel Kaiya move all that much in the morning. But we got busy with the beach and company I didn't think much of it. But by afternoon I realized I hadn't been feeling her. So around 6pm I ate a bowl of ice cream hoping to give my daughter a sugar buzz and laid on my side. Still nothing after an hour. So I drank some juice, waited still nothing. So around 10:30 I decided just to call my Dr to ask her if I should worry or not. Well she told me to head over to the hospital just to be on the safe side. So off we went. I got to wear a lovely hospital gown. They monitored her Heart for a little over a half hour. They said her heart was really strong and she must have just moved into a weird position. So feeling much better we headed home. The next morning and really all day, I couldn't get this sweet child of mine to stop kicking me, Specially the ribs. I guess it was pay back for all the poking and prodding the day before.

What a weekend!!

My sister in law Becky came down for the weekend with her son Logan and her little girl Sadie. It was so much fun to have them here. We were able to make it to the beach every day. But for the most part we just enjoyed spending time with her, playing games, watching movies and just talking. It's such a bummer she lives so far away. Of course Simon also loved it. He had a boy to play with and a baby girl to fight over toys with.

8 months pregnant or 33 1/2 weeks

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Last Weekend

Brett's sister Cathi Graduated from college. YAY CATHY!! So Brett's whole family got together to celebrate the event. It was a lot of fun to be together. For those of you who don't know Brett has 7 sisters. So most of the time it's loud and fun of events. Then there is Brett who is just pretty quiet with a few comments here and there. Most of the weekend was just sitting around enjoying each others company which was nice to have a slow paced weekend. While we were all sitting around I was trying to get more comfortable in my chair ( it was like one of those camping chairs). Well I guess I leaned back to far and flipped over. Yay for the pregnant lady. I gave everyone a good laugh. Although the 5 hours to get there and the 5 to get back was a little hard in 3 days. I am soo Glad we went.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Poor Brett

So Brett had his first surgery ever yesterday. I was pretty nervous for him, but he said he was actually excited. Brett has never had a broken bone or stitches or anything, so it was a big day for him. We got to the hospital around 12:15pm. We got to wait for a little bit until they called Brett and took him back to prep him. Let me go back a minute and explain, Brett isn't the nicest person if he hasn't eaten. I always tell people that our marriage is based on the status of Brett's stomach. If its empty we seem to have a empty marriage, when it is full, our marriage is full. So I have done my best to make sure he always has something in his tummy. To that we have an amazing marriage. Well Because of his surgery he wasn't able to eat or drink anything after mid night the night before. So He wasn't in the best of spirits that morning. But knowing how passionate he is about eating, besides a glass of milk I skipped breakfast so he wouldn't have to suffer watching me eat. So when they took Brett back to prep him his pregnant woman went to get a snack. Then they buzzed me and said I could come hang out with him until they took him back for surgery. I get to his room thinking that now that he has an IV and is in the gown he would start to be nervous. Nope not my husband, they gave him a TV to watch and he was happy as could be. Different Dr's and Nurses would come in to ask him questions and he would zone out on the TV. I was glad to see he does it to everyone and not just me haha. Then soon they came and got him for surgery. They gave me a pager, and off I went to eat lunch it was 2:15 by this time. By 3:00 I got a page, and the Dr said he was all done with surgery and it went very well. They just had to wait for him to wake up, which would be about an hour and then I could go see him. Well an hour went by and I still hadn't gotten the page. So I started to get nervous. I am sure all the pregnant hormones didn't help. But I stopped and realized with how busy the morning had been I had kissed him. Here in my mind my husband couldn't wake up and I hadn't kissed him and just to many thoughts were running through my head. Well an hour and 45 minutes (4:45Pm) after the Dr had said they were done I finally got the page that I could go see him. I walked up to his little hole in the wall, that had a recliner and that's about it, and there was my hubby. He still looked very very out of it. He had his crackers and a sierra mist. I am sure how he was feeling or anything cause he had a blank look on his face. Then he looked at me at stuck his cracker covered tongue out at me. I finally felt better, I knew he would be just fine. The next 3 hours were filled with lots of laughs as Brett slowly came back around. I he had stuck his tongue out at me a few more thimes. The best was when he would be in the middle of a really random story and fall asleep, wake up a few minutes later and start talking about something completely different. He did have his moments of Nausea and pain. But for the most part he was doing really good. we finally got to leave around 7:45. I got Brett home, then went around to a couple resturants to find him soup in a bread bowl. Which isn't that easy when its in the 80's. But I finally found it, and got his pain meds filled. He watched some TV then off to bed. So far today he is doing pretty good, but of course is sore. I am sure the lovely pain meds are keeping his spirits up. He is still pretty funny though. But for that 45 minutes of worry, I realized even more then I already knew how much I love this man and how my life would never be as good with out him. He is my best friend. Like any marriage of course we have or times, but I really think we were made for each other. We both seem to be able to fill in for eachothers weakness. I love him so much!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

A Craving FINALLY met

For those of you who haven't heard me complain about it. I have been craving a Cafe Rio Salad since I first became Pregnant. So that would be 31 weeks now. So being out in North Carolina its been very hard to meet this craving. Well today I finally decided I would just try to make it myself. The salad was nothing like theirs but the dressing was perfect. That was the main part of my craving, so I finally feel like I have met my need. It was even better then I remembered it tasting. This is one happy pregnant lady.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Brett + Emily

So I was playing around on this website. I put up a picture of Brett as a baby and one of me. This is what it came up that our kid would look like haha.