Thursday, May 29, 2008

They Buzzed my Baby!!!

Today I had to go in for a Non Stress Test, for Kaiya. I have had a lot of itching so they have done some test to see if I may have a liver problem. Well until the test comes back they need to monitor Kaiya twice a week. So this morning in we went. I guess she was having a little nap but the nurse wanted me to count her kicks. Kinda hard to do when your little one is sleep. So after getting my strapped to the heart monitor, this nurse just started buzzing my belly. Well Kaiya would jump and she would say I bet ya felt that. Like it was funny. Well she buzzed her about 4 more times then left. Kaiya's heart rate was going crazy ( as mine would be if I was buzzed from my sleep) and man did that little girl move. But it wasn't long before she settled back down, heart rate went down and off to what I can assume was la la land. So here comes the nurse and decides to buzz her a few more times. Up with the heart rate, arms and legs. The rest of the time I think she knew better then to try to go back to sleep. So instead she kicked the monitor our of place. Of course getting us both in trouble that they made us stay longer since she had interrupted the monitoring. Needless to say she is just fine. Now we get to do it all over again next Tuesday. Well unless we get the results back sooner and they are good.

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Amy said...

How could I forget endless days on the beach with cousin Emily??? So fun to catch up with you! I can't believe your unluckiness (if that's a word) with ultrasound techs. Do they not realize that they are dealing with pregnant women?? I would have gone loco with all the buzzing and with placenta shots. Gimee a break people! Anyways, thanks for your sympathies and yes indeed, we should keep in touch.