Saturday, January 22, 2011


Update: I sent a picture to the company to see what my results were and they sent this in response. "From your photo, this would be a girl result! The only thing that should be read as your result is the color of the urine. The sediment is not uncommon and can be disregarded. Congratulations! Please let us know if you have any other questions and when you confirm."

So looks like they are saying girl, and I think it's a girl. Maybe we will find out for sure on Feb 21st.

So Last time I was pregnant I took this Intelligender test. You can take it at 10 weeks to find out what you are having. They say it's about 80 percent accurate. Well last time I couldn't quite tell what my results were so I emailed a picture to the company and they mailed me a new test. Before we got the test I found out that we had lost the baby. So this extra test as just been laying around until today. I decided to take it just for fun. I am not quite sure again what our results are but I am leaning more towards boy. Which is funny cause my gut feeling is that we are having a girl. I have an Ultrasound on Feb 21st, which I will be 15 weeks so they MIGHT be able to tell us then what we are having so we can so who is right. Anyways here is my test results you tell me what you think?

Monday, January 10, 2011

baby on the way

So I have major mixed feeling about making this post. But we have another baby on the way. I have worried about really announcing it because of our last two losses. But this is also my journal and this is a major part of my life. I was talking to my good friend and neighbor about what to do and she said it's better not to have to down play my excitement because of what might happen. So I am going forward with positive thinking that all will be okay. I have had two Ultrasounds so far, one last Wednesday and one today. Both shows everything okay! I am about 9 weeks at this point and we should be having a baby around August 14th. Oh the thought of really believing it scares me. We just have been wanting this for so long. So I ask for all your prayers that everything continues to go well. For now here is a picture of our little one. Brett has already named it inch worm....for now.