Saturday, August 23, 2008

Getting Bigger

Night Out

So Brett has been dying to go to the movies. So last night I told him we were gonna go down to a concert then out to the beach to play cards. Little did he know I had already gotten tickets for us to go see Dark Knight. There also just happened to be an outside free concert on some grass by the theater. So anyways, he was way happy to see that we were going to the movies after and not the beach. The movie was waaaay good. We took Kaiya with us too. I was a little worried it would be to loud for her. When it first started of course she decided it was time to cry. Which didn't make Daddy to happy that we may not make it though the movie. But once that bottle was in her mouth all we heard from her the rest of the movie was a few burps here and there and then little sighs while she slept. Another crazy part of the night was that we ran in to my OB. She was really excited to see Kaiya and I was happy she told Brett and her hubby how great I did through labor. Let me explain real quick why I was so happy about that. Because Brett told me a few days after labor I had been kinda mean during delivery. I asked him how so, because with all the drugs and everything else going on I didn't have a perfect memory of it all. He said I kept asking if I could push when it wasn't during contractions and then asked them to just pull her out. HAHA I told him he should of watched the baby story tv show with me. I told him they all do that, and if things were turned around he would have been begging. So when I had my 6 week check up I told my Doc sorry if I had been kinda mean during delivery. She just laughed and said that I was one of the better patients that she had and that she hadn't seen anyone handle bleeding out so calm like before. So anyways I was very happy that he got to hear it from her. But yeah anyways. It was a nice night out. Now I just have to get ready for next weekend. Brett's family is all getting together for a camp out. It should be fun, just a little worried about how it will go with a 2 month old. I guess will see.

2 Months

Well Kaiya had her two month check up. She is now 9 pounds 2 ounces and 20 inches long. So she has gained about 4 pounds and grown 2 inches, not to shabby. But the Doc said since she was small to start she needs to be gaining even faster. Do to my lack of milk we have switched her to formula. You know I thought this would make me sad but I have actually really enjoyed it. She eats SOOOOO much now. She just finished about 7 ounces. Crazy Girl. I have a feeling she is about to get really really big haha. But she is sooo much happier now, which of course makes Mommy and Daddy happier. But what doesn't make us to happy was seeing our poor little girl get her shots. She was so happy laying there on the table when the nurse told me to hold her hands. Then as soon as she got poked the whole look on her face just changed. She looked so sad and just let out the saddest little cry like " How could you!" Totally broke my heart. But then it turned into a scream. As soon as I was able to pick her up she hid her face in my neck and just snuggled. Glad she couldn't be mad at me for too long. The whole day anytime she was sleeping and would move her legs she would let out a little cry, but her eyes never opened. It was sooo sad. But yeah back to the formula, so since she has been eating more she is finally starting to grow out of her new born clothes. I can still fit her in a few of the dresses and onies. But at least they are on there way out and finally getting into some of her cuter dresses. She also been holding her head up much better. We even let her try out her bumbo chair again and did so good. Oh how she is growing up :)

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Twilight Series

Well I finished the Twilight series on Monday. Wow they were so good. I am actually sad that they are all over. I guess I will have to give it a couple of years and read them again. Anyways since the books are over but I still have a lot of time left to nurse this little baby of mine, if anyone has any suggestions on good books let me know.

Monday, August 4, 2008

I know your all dying to see

More pictures of my little Kaiya


I know a lot of you will say that is still young, and yes it is. But it doesn't mean I wanna be 26. I have always been excited for birthdays but this year I just wasn't. I really don't want to be 26. There is just so much I wanted to have done by now. But oh well it's here. Brett did get me a really nice MP3 player so I was way happy for that. Kaiya got me a bunch of nicely filled diapers ranging in shapes from bright yellow to a brownish green. I'm so glad she didn't forget me :). Other then that I worked and then when Brett got off work at 9 we went to dinner. Oh yeah and I got me a book ( see posting below) That was my own present to myself.


I must confess I am addicted. The last few nights even Kaiya has beat me to bed because I have been up reading. I love them. I am on the third now, I am trying to read this one slower cause I know once I get through the 4th and last book I will be sad its over. Brett has been a little frustrated cause all I wanna do is read haha. He even told me today I couldn't go get the 3rd book cause I was grounded from reading for a week. I just thought this was funny since my whole life teachers and my parents have tried to get me to read. Now I am grounded from it. But today is my birthday so I told him he had no say. But I guess I will try to be a bit nicer to him and not read all day long.