Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Sew Sew and more sew

I have had a few friends ask me about selling clothes I have made. I figured I would try it out just by a word of mouth bases. So if anyone wants to order something let me know. I was thinking with the cost of fabric I would charge 25 for 1 dress, 20 each for 3 or more. Skirts 15, unless you buy it with something else then 10. Let me know if you think these prices seem fair. I am working on some cute patterns to call my own so stayed tune. Here are a few things I have made this week. Poor Kaiya I think is tired of me taking her picture haha. Oh the outfit with the matching skirt and shirt. I decided it was a little much. I was excited because I made up both patterns all by myself :) I think they are both cute, but not together.

oh I made a new gum drop pillow but I don't have a picture of that. Also I helped my friend make 3 dresses Yup 3. Wow busy week. All that on top of my 4 classes. Busy Busy Girl, But I LOVE It!