Sunday, May 23, 2010

Baby # 2

So baby number two is on the way. I am so excited, but nervous. Last Monday I went to the doctor and got my first Ultrasound. The baby was soo tiny and I got to see it's cute little heartbeat. So far I haven't been nearly as sick as I was with Kaiya, but with that said, I have been nauseated. Its just a little reminder everything is still going okay in there I guess.

Mother's Day

Brett is so good to me. This mother's day we were up at his parents house so Brett could help his Dad out. But he still bought me a dozen roses. On Mother's day morning Kaiya and him gave me their presents. They must shop together because Kaiya gave me a beautiful Ring and Brett the matching necklace.

Happy Birthday Brett.....I am waaay late posting this.

Happy Birthday Brett! I LOVE YOU!!!!

Broadway at the Beach. They have lots of Shopping and just a fun place to be.

We went and played Mini Golf. It was a lot of fun. Myrtle Beach has some of the best mini Golf around.

The view from our Condo. So pretty!

So Brett turned 29. I told him this year we weren't doing anything big since next year is 30 and I we would do something big then. Well With Brett's birthday they never end up small. We got a deal on a Time Share for his Birthday weekend in Myrtle Beach. Along with that they gave us a 125 Dollars to Bass Pro Shop that Brett got to spend for his Birthday present. It was a nice weekend and Brett deserved it all. He is such an Amazing Husband! Kaiya and I are so lucky to have him in our life.