Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Half way

Today I am 20 weeks, Half way There YAY!!!. I can feel little Kaiya moving a lot more now too. Poor Brett is still being patient for his turn. So the other night at about 4 in the morning we had a huge thunderstorm. It woke up Simon where he spent the rest of the morning running back and forth between Brett and I. But what I thought was really funny was that it woke up Kaiya. Either our little girl loves thunder storms or she hates them. Either way she wiggled the next 3 hours straight of the storm. Another funny moment with Kaiya was at church. I usually don't feel Kaiya much except at night. Well at Church I was holding a friends baby and out of no where Kaiya just started kicking like crazy. So I gave the baby to Brett and Kaiya stopped right away. I guess we have a jealous girl.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Simon.. The hunter

Let me first start by explaining. When I got Simon he was about 6 weeks old and he is a beagle. Which are suppose to be hunting dogs. Well for the first year Simon spent most of his time running from ducks in the park, cats, or really anything that moved besides dogs. Then he started doing this thing where when he saw another dog coming he lays down and waits for them to get close then leaps out at them. Well yesterday Brett and I took Simon to the park. Quick side note, The park was gorgeous ( I wish I would have taken my camera). You could see huge fish in the pond, and turtles sun bathing on the center island. Well, back to Simon, he saw this big duck and took off running for it. Brett had to pull him back just in time to keep him from leaping in the pond. It was to long later that Simon started freaking out. He had caught the scent of a squirrel and Brett had to hang on for dear life. Brett was howling and screeching so loud that it sounded like he was being hurt he was so excited. People stopped to watch as Simon was running in and out of bushes trying to catch his Squirrel. Needless to say I think we all enjoyed our time at the park. Oh and no animals were hard ;)

Daddy's little Princess

So now that we can buy stuff for Kaiya, Brett and I have had many conversations back and forth on what we want for her. I said I didn't want a ton of Winnie the Pooh, which he came back with not a lot of seaseme street. Stuff like that. So I said one day I didn't want to have a bunch of little princess stuff. That I didn't want her to grow up being spoiled thinking she was a princess and could have whatever she wanted. Well Brett quickly informed me that Kaiya would be Daddy's little princess and indeed would be wearing Princess gear. Whats funny is that this is the same guy who turned to me after hearing she was going to be a girl and said, " easy on the pink". But who am I to take away Daddy's princess. Then Brett informed me that if Kaiya was a princess that meant he got to be the King. So I starting to wonder the real reason behind it. Either way Brett wanted to get our little one a dress for valentines day. I think if Brett had his choice he would have left with every dress there. Our princess has already received her tiara and she isn't even born.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

It's A Girl!!!

Well after a long night of not being able to sleep we finally went to my appointment this morning. After taking a few measurements we found out It's a Girl. We decided to name her Kianne Elizabeth Shurtleff. But were gonna call her Kiaya. Watching our little one squirm was such a beautiful, peaceful experience I wish I could have that feeling every day. I just feel so blessed to have Kiaya in our life. Brett was so cute too. He asked the Dr. if he could video the Ultrasound screen so we could watch little Kiaya later. She sad okay. Kiaya was a little shy. She liked to hide her head in my back as you can see on the video. But sure wasn't shy about kicking Mommy over and over again. Man I already love that little girl so much.