Thursday, February 14, 2008

Daddy's little Princess

So now that we can buy stuff for Kaiya, Brett and I have had many conversations back and forth on what we want for her. I said I didn't want a ton of Winnie the Pooh, which he came back with not a lot of seaseme street. Stuff like that. So I said one day I didn't want to have a bunch of little princess stuff. That I didn't want her to grow up being spoiled thinking she was a princess and could have whatever she wanted. Well Brett quickly informed me that Kaiya would be Daddy's little princess and indeed would be wearing Princess gear. Whats funny is that this is the same guy who turned to me after hearing she was going to be a girl and said, " easy on the pink". But who am I to take away Daddy's princess. Then Brett informed me that if Kaiya was a princess that meant he got to be the King. So I starting to wonder the real reason behind it. Either way Brett wanted to get our little one a dress for valentines day. I think if Brett had his choice he would have left with every dress there. Our princess has already received her tiara and she isn't even born.

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Hight Family said...

So cute Em, what a lucky little girl to have such a sweet mommy and daddy!