Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Half way

Today I am 20 weeks, Half way There YAY!!!. I can feel little Kaiya moving a lot more now too. Poor Brett is still being patient for his turn. So the other night at about 4 in the morning we had a huge thunderstorm. It woke up Simon where he spent the rest of the morning running back and forth between Brett and I. But what I thought was really funny was that it woke up Kaiya. Either our little girl loves thunder storms or she hates them. Either way she wiggled the next 3 hours straight of the storm. Another funny moment with Kaiya was at church. I usually don't feel Kaiya much except at night. Well at Church I was holding a friends baby and out of no where Kaiya just started kicking like crazy. So I gave the baby to Brett and Kaiya stopped right away. I guess we have a jealous girl.

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Shari said...

I want to see a pciture of you pregnant Emily. Post one of that cute baby belly.