Saturday, August 23, 2008

2 Months

Well Kaiya had her two month check up. She is now 9 pounds 2 ounces and 20 inches long. So she has gained about 4 pounds and grown 2 inches, not to shabby. But the Doc said since she was small to start she needs to be gaining even faster. Do to my lack of milk we have switched her to formula. You know I thought this would make me sad but I have actually really enjoyed it. She eats SOOOOO much now. She just finished about 7 ounces. Crazy Girl. I have a feeling she is about to get really really big haha. But she is sooo much happier now, which of course makes Mommy and Daddy happier. But what doesn't make us to happy was seeing our poor little girl get her shots. She was so happy laying there on the table when the nurse told me to hold her hands. Then as soon as she got poked the whole look on her face just changed. She looked so sad and just let out the saddest little cry like " How could you!" Totally broke my heart. But then it turned into a scream. As soon as I was able to pick her up she hid her face in my neck and just snuggled. Glad she couldn't be mad at me for too long. The whole day anytime she was sleeping and would move her legs she would let out a little cry, but her eyes never opened. It was sooo sad. But yeah back to the formula, so since she has been eating more she is finally starting to grow out of her new born clothes. I can still fit her in a few of the dresses and onies. But at least they are on there way out and finally getting into some of her cuter dresses. She also been holding her head up much better. We even let her try out her bumbo chair again and did so good. Oh how she is growing up :)

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