Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Move Baby!!

So I am going to be a very worried Mother. On Memorial Day I didn't really feel Kaiya move all that much in the morning. But we got busy with the beach and company I didn't think much of it. But by afternoon I realized I hadn't been feeling her. So around 6pm I ate a bowl of ice cream hoping to give my daughter a sugar buzz and laid on my side. Still nothing after an hour. So I drank some juice, waited still nothing. So around 10:30 I decided just to call my Dr to ask her if I should worry or not. Well she told me to head over to the hospital just to be on the safe side. So off we went. I got to wear a lovely hospital gown. They monitored her Heart for a little over a half hour. They said her heart was really strong and she must have just moved into a weird position. So feeling much better we headed home. The next morning and really all day, I couldn't get this sweet child of mine to stop kicking me, Specially the ribs. I guess it was pay back for all the poking and prodding the day before.

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