Thursday, August 26, 2010

Heather and Brian

Oh where to start, where to start. So Brett, Kaiya and I have been sooo lucky to have the most amazing neighbors anyone could ever ask for. They have become some of our best friends, and it is so fun to be able to have the right across the street from us. We can call them for anything. We get together for dinner quite often and play games. Its nice to be able to randomly text someone to come out and enjoy a heat lightning storm with you. We actually did that last week. All got our beach chairs sat out on the lawn and just hung out and talked and enjoyed the night. They LOVE Kaiya so much and have been so good to her. They are always there for us. They take us out on their jetski, bought me a bike, they even came over last night to watch kaiya so Brett and I could sneak out to the beach for a night together. But its not these things that make them the best neighbors ever, its that you know they are just the most kind people. They don't do it to get anything in return, they just sincerly care and with me not having any of my family living within a days drive its nice to feel like I have family across the street. So THANK YOU Heather and Brian for all you do

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Heather Cwiklinski said...

Dang Girl, you got a tear from this sweet message of yours! Thanks for the kind words, we feel the same way about you guys too! Glad to be able to share some good times with your wonderful family! See ya for dinner :)