Friday, March 28, 2008


we had a really nice Easter weekend. We went to Brett's Parents house for the weekend. Brett and his friend Jason took me out fishing. I didn't catch anything :( But I still enjoyed just being out in nature. Then later that night we Colored Eggs. Which I think Brett enjoyed more the the grandkids haha. Sunday we went to church and then came back to a good old BBQ. YUMMY. Brett did a very good job at the grill. Most of all it was nice to just go some where and relax. I even got to use my Mother in Laws Big Jetted Tub. Thank you again. It felt so good to just soak for awhile.


Shari said...

Emly I can't belive you are already 27 weeks! its going by so fast for us, becaue i haven't even seen you pregnant.

Julie Winder said...

Emily do post pictures of your baby shower, I so wish i could be there..I am getting so excited for your baby...not much longer now..

Anonymous said...

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