Monday, June 22, 2009

Father's Day

So for Father's day we first went to church where I had to give a talk...which always makes me soooo nervous. Then we came home ate lunch and just hung out. Later that evening we all went to the park. It was fun to watch the kids get so excited over all the turtles and watch Sadie Chase the ducks everywhere. I got some cute pictures of Brett and Kaiya. Brett is such an amazing Dad. I couldn't ask for a better Dad for Kaiya. He is always willing to help out with diapers, feeding and wouldn't miss out on a minute of getting down and playing with her. You can see every time Brett walks in the room Kaiya's face light up. I know she loves her Daddy and thinks the world of him. No matter who is holding her, Including me, if Brett walks in the room she will fuss until he comes and gets her. which is nice, it gives Mommy a Break :) We Love You Brett!!