Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Kaiya's Friend Birthday Party

Last night we had Kaiya's friend party. It was soooo much fun!!. She had a lot of friends to play with in the pool. We took our BBQ and Bar down to the pool and had a cook out. Kaiya enjoyed every minute of it. Kaiya, Brett and I are all so lucky to have such great friends out here. I made a slide show of pictures and a second one just for her cake. Kaiya got a big chunk of frosting on her arm and was dipping pieces of cake in it haha. I also have to give a Thanks to Mary Helen for coming and decorating my cake. I baked it...Long story with that, but then since she does such an awesome job frosting I had her come do it before the party started. I think it turned out Waaaay Cute!! I still can't believe Kaiya is already 1 ahhh!


Travis and Celena said...

What a fun party! That is so funny that she thought of dipping her cake in the icing that was on her arm. Kids are so funny at times.

Misty said...

I can't believe she is one either! She looks so tiny. What size of clothes does she wear? She looks almost the same size of Capri! lol