Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Well Brett and I went to my Check up on January 2ND. I had been stressing tons that something was wrong with the baby. After over an hour of back ground questions, peeing in cups, and tons of blood test, we finally got to meet with the Doctor. She came in asked me how I had been feeling and said everything seemed good. I thought she was done, and I was thinking wait you can't just look at me and know my baby is okay. I have never wanted a check up more in my life ha ha. So I asked her if we got to hear or see the baby or anything, I think she could tell I was a little worried she just laughed and said yes she was going to get the Doppler to listen to the baby's heart. It took her a minute to find it (adding more worry to the fire), but there it was. I looked over at Brett and the look on his face is one I will cherish forever. He already looked like such a proud father. The heart beat kept being interrupted by our kicking baby. Even the Dr seemed to get a kick out of how active our baby was.

We got set up for our next appointment February 5Th. When we will get our second Ultra Sound, and YES!! finally get to find out what we are having. We can't wait. I think then when we finally get to give our baby a name and start planning and buying stuff it will bring more life to it all.

I still get sick, but thank goodness it isn't all day. Its just after eating random foods or who knows what causes it ha ha, Cause if I did I would fix it. But needless to say it is finally getting better which does give me hope. Tomorrow I will be 15 weeks pregnant. So now that I am in my 2ND trimester I hear it will all start getting better.


Jenni Lynn said...

Yeah for babies! It is so much fun when you can feel the baby move! Mine has dance parties in my belly at night. In fact, she is dancing now. How exciting that you get to find out what yours is soon!

tennisjewel said...

yes, I am so excited too for you to find out what you are having..it would be fun if both you and Kristen are having boys! I can relate to your pregnancy feelings...it is hard to be pregnant and not worry. It will be good when you have your ultrasound again than you will be reassured and you will be surprised how much your baby has grown...not long at all!

Julie Winder said...

emily, not much longer till we find out what that little baby is...will it be a new niece or nephew????? I can't wait.