Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I can't help but laugh..

Kaiya since the day she arrived hasn't stopped making us laugh. She has such a sweet spirit about here. I don't think there is a single time I have gone to the store that I Haven't been stopped by at least to strangers telling what a great smile and eyes she has. She just has away about making others smile too. Well here are a few pictures just to let you know some of the fun around our house.

Kaiya Hiding a Banana behind her head. That was fun to clean up :)

Always standing up in the bath tub. When she sits she just splashes and splashes. But she loves to stand up and splash her feet as well.

Hiding in the Hamper. She kept crawling in it so Brett finally stood it up and let it shut. Then she just kept popping her head out and laughing and then going back down again.

The last one I don't have a picture for. But just about an hour ago I heard some chatter coming from Kaiya's room ( who was suppose to be asleep). Well When I walked in I found a naked baby. It is a warm day so I let her play in just her diaper. Well she had decided even that wasn't needed and took it off. But no that's not all. When she saw me she got all excited and crawled to the edge of the crib. Pulled her self up. Leaned her torso forward and began to pee. All this with a HUGE smile on her face. I yelled out her name and the peeing stopped. I couldn't help but just start laughing. Maybe because she still just seemed so excited. Well we got a new diaper on her and a onesie to hold it on. I cleaned up the mess and we had to call Daddy. He said that it was the best story he had heard yet and you could hear how proud he was. That is right she is very much a Daddy's girl.


Travis and Celena said...

What a character! She sounds like a hoot and I think she would get a long just great with my niece Erika. They have pretty much the same personality.

Misty said...

LOL That's funny. I like the laundry hamper one too. Very Cute!

Julie Winder said...

oh she is so cute. What a little doll. She reminds me of when Anneka was little. So full of life and so happy. Enjoy every little minute. You are such a good mom!