Sunday, July 26, 2009


So Brett's sister can down for the weekend with her 3 girls to go to the beach. well once we got there we noticed nobody swimming. It didn't take us longer to hear why. There were SHARKS. Crazy crazy, I didn't realize sharks came so close in land. Anyways, I will try to give a better update soon. We have had a lot of company lately and not much down time. Oh and It's my last few days of school. YAY!! But Brett and I both start back at school Aug 14th. Than off to Utah from My little sisters wedding aug 22nd to the 29. It will be nice when things calm down for a bit.

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Travis and Celena said...

I would love to get together with you guys when you come here. I hope to hear from you soon beacuse I am going to be having a baby shower on the 22nd of August and I would love to have you come. E-mail me your address. Glad everything is going well.