Thursday, September 17, 2009

Happy kaiya Hour

Loving the Beach!!

Family FUn!

We took Kaiya to the beach. She went running straight for the water. I hurried and took her clothes off. We didn't plan on getting wet so we didn't come prepared with swimsuits. Lucky for us Grandma had a towel in her car. Kaiya would go running for the waves. Thank goodness it's the Atlantic ocean and the water is warmer. I forgot my Camera so the pictures are from my phone.

Kaiya hanging out with Simon...Who by the way isn't suppose to be on the couch...bad dog.

Kaiya's new Chair from Grandma Shurtleff. She LOVES it!!!

We have been going through a lot of teeting lately. But we still manage to have a happy girl.....well most of the time.

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Travis and Celena said...

I love the saggy diaper! Too funny. She is so much fun.