Thursday, October 8, 2009

Sewing Maniac

So I have been a sewing maniac lately. I LOVE IT!! I have made kaiya tons of new cute clothes. But I decided I am going to try and make me an apron. But here are somethings I have made for Kaiya. I also fixed Brett's blanket that he has been asking me to fix FOREVER. But I didn't take a picture of that haha.


Sasha said...

Great job Emily!!! I love all of them and the fabrics are just adorable. On the green skirt, how did you do that cute stitch on the bottom? Is that a special stitch that your machine does? I love all of your work, it is so fun!

Travis and Celena said...

Look at you little miss homemaker! I love the clothes you made. Doing a much better job then I would have ever done.