Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter Egg Hunt

So we did our "commercial" Easter today. Brett has to work this weekend :( so we had to do it all this morning but it was so much fun. Kaiya was so excited when she heard she got a basket from the Easter Bunny. When she ran in to the kitchen and first saw her basket she said "Wow it's just beautiful" and kept saying that with everything she looked at. I guess we did good. Then Daddy hid the eggs in the yard and Kaiya got to go out and find them. It was so fun to see her actually hunting for her eggs on her own. She was so excited with each one she found. Oh and she had to wear her sunglasses for the hunt cause she said it was to sunny to see the eggs. Tomorrow We will celebrate the true meaning of Easter. Just wish Daddy didn't have to go to work and could spend it home with us :(

waiting to head into the kitchen to check out her Easter Basket.

Checking things out. When she saw her basket she said "wow it's just Beautiful"

I think I see one!

She needed her sunglasses cause she said it was to bright to see the eggs

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