Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day in the Shurtleff Home

We have had so much fun with Valentine's day this year. First my friend Jenni had on her blog this awesome idea. Target had 1 dollar mailboxes. So we got one and decorated it. Then everyday in February Kaiya has received a letter in her mailbox. Both of her grandparents had sent her some, along with some cousins and an aunt and uncle. Mom and Dad also did a few. She has had so much fun asking us everyday if the mail man had come yet.

Brett has to work tonight so he and I went out last night. Brett gave me a GORGEOUS boutique of roses and Kaiya got her own rose that she has kept in her room since she got it. If she had it her way she would carry it around with her everywhere. Brett and I then got a baby sitter and had a Night out! It was awesome. I ran extra that morning (70min) so that I could afford the extra calories for dinner at on the boarder :D. Then we went and saw The Vow.

This morning Kaiya got red heart shaped pancakes before she was off to school for a Valentine party. I thought about adding red dye to Alaina's milk but decided against it. I made Brett sausage omelette, homemade hashbrowns and a red pancake. Then we went and bought us some weights as our valentine gift to ourselves :D. After school we picked up Kaiya and her friend Stella came over. The girls each got to decorate their own Heat Shaped cookie. While Mommy decorated a bunch to take to Daddy's work later tonight. We have had such a fun Valentines day! It's so fun to be able to show the people you love how much they mean to you. But shouldn't we do that everyday?

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Julie Winder said...

You are the cutest mom ever! You know how to make Holiday's fun! Running for 70 minutes is beyond impressive. Your roses are gorgeous! You must be young with lots of energy, your day made me exhausted just reading about it:) Can't wait to have you visit!