Wednesday, November 21, 2007

7 weeks

Well today I am 7 weeks pregnant. You can tell its my first I don't shut up about it haha. But I love Wednesdays cause its when I hit a new week. So I get to look up everything about that week of pregnancy. Most of the time I end up peaking at the next week too. Its crazy to think my baby already has a strong heart, kidneys, brain like all the major stuff. But what got me is that it said the baby is already swimming around. If it takes after his Dad, he is going to be a great swimmer, if after his Mom, not so great haha.

That reminds me of something on Brett and I's honeymoon. Brett was saying I needed to relax more and just be spontaneous. Well we rented a boat and took it out in a inlet of the ocean. Let me just say an inlet of the ocean isn't anything like lake. Which I know now. Well we put down anchor and decided to fish, well I decided to try this spontaneous thing and I jumped in to swim. I guess you have to watch when you can be spontaneous. The tide was really strong and pulled me out into where the boats were and further and further away from where Brett and the boat was. So he had to pull in anchor and drive over to get me. Yeah wasn't one of the highlights of our honeymoon but sure makes me laugh now.

Now that I got that side note/story out of the way, I really hope this baby swims like his Daddy. Oh and stops making Mommy so sick.

Anyways, I hope everyone has a great thanksgiving. I think its obvious what I am thankful for. My husband and my new Baby to be. Oh yeah and my family and friends. That we always seem to find enough to get by. For my Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ and the Holly Ghost. That is just a start, there is a whole lot more.

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