Monday, December 3, 2007

Sunday Walk

After a long busy week, we decided we needed some family time. Poor Simon had been kept in the house all week. So we decided to take an afternoon walk on the beach. It was crazy to have the sand cold on our feet, what a change. It was a little big chilly out, I think in the 60's. But that didn't stop us, or the surfers. It was crazy to see how many people were still out enjoying the beach and the water. It was a little bit foggy, but a very beautiful day. Reminded me of the northern California beaches. Simon, you would think was in doggy heaven. He kept trying to run up sand hills, and would run toward the waves but as soon as they came would take off running away. He is very scared of water. It was nice to have our little family time. But it made it just that much harder to start this next week. Thank goodness the holidays are coming up. YAY

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Brent and Julie said...

love the pictures! so fun...I love cool weather on the beach. sounds like simone enjoyed himself too.