Monday, December 3, 2007

Ward Christmas Party

Well Saturday was our ward christmas party. I wasn't nearly as nervous as I was for my first activity. I decided to go with something simple since Christmas is a busy time of the Year. Our ward does a live Nativity in front of the church, and everyone brings there nativity scenes to the church. They open it up for the whole city to come through, what a great missionary opportunity :). Anyways back to my ward party. Brett and I went to the church on Friday night and pulled everything from the shed. Its amazing how much I had to choose from. I really didn't have to buy much.. YAY. Then I had to work Saturday until 3, so I went over to the Church and met up with my one committee member and Brett. We put up 5 tree's, tables, 2 small wreaths, and a huge one meant to go out on the building Brett had to put up. He hung it from the ceiling. Then toward the end the missionaries showed up and set up chairs. We had just enough time for Brett and the missionaries to throw the basket ball around ( watching out for chairs and tables). While I went home to change and get them food. The rest of the night was just a relaxing good time. We watched a slide show of the ward through out the year. Then Santa made a surprise visit. While we all enjoyed some yummy cookies and milk. I just wish I wasn't so tired I could have enjoyed it all a little bit more. Brett and I still had time to watch a movie when we got home :).

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Brent and Julie said...

you rock emmy. I can't believe you did all that! It sounds like an awesome ward party. You are amazing being sick and all. Love your blog posts! Keep it up!