Friday, July 25, 2008

Litlle Kaiya

My little girl is growing so fast. She has to be at least 8 pounds now. she is also staying awake more during the day. She is so much more alert. I love when she just sits there and seems to be taking it all in. Oh and for the last I think 5 nights she has slept from midnight until about 7 in the morning. I think she noticed Mommy is a lot more fun during the day when she gets her sleep at night. I've also gone back to work now. I did a little bit before my parents came, but back full on now. Its actually been pretty good. It can be a little hard when I am nursing and someone needs me. But for the most part the girls I watch have been very helpful. I am sure when Kaiya gets a bit more mobile she will love watching them in all their silliness.

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Julie Winder said...

Oh, I love that little niece...she is so cute. I can't believe how fast the little 5 pounder is growing! Dorothy dropped those clothes off to me, she is so busy moving:( We will miss them. I will get them to you asap!