Friday, July 25, 2008

My Parents

It was so fun having my parents out here in North Carolina. It had been over a year since I had seen them. Last time was the day after my wedding and now here I was a Mommy myself. It was so neat to see them hold and just love little Kaiya and get to share with them our little girl. It was also fun to get to take them to the beach, and all the different parks and other places we just love in our town. Now I just need to get my sisters out here. I know they would just love it. ( hint hint) My Dad left last Saturday but my Mom was able to stay until Wednesday. It was nice to get to have some Mom time. We went to the movies, and the beach and just hung out. Every night my mom would want to play uno attack with Brett and I. For those who don't know us, Games are a big deal around our house. But I think we sent my Mom home with a new addiction. She just couldn't get over how fun it was to have cards spit out at ya. But anyways we were very happy to have my parents come visit us.

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