Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Well Brett, Kaiya and I went camping this weekend with Brett's family. 4 of his 7 sisters were there with their families and his parents. Kaiya did so good on our 7 hour drive to the mountains. She slept most of the way and Brett and I got through the ABC game twice :). It was so fun to be up in the mountains and just have some time away from the daily grind. Brett and I took this huge air mattress which after blowing it up we realized it took up the entire 4 man tent. So we had to put Kaiya's bassinet on the air mattress. Every time we would move it would rock it and wake her up. Made for a few really fun nights. We will have to plan better next time. The first day Brett and I did some fishing in the morning with little kaiya strapped on in her snuggli. Oh yeah THANK YOU CATHI. Kaiya loves the snuggli that Cathi brought us. Which made the trip so much easier. Then that afternoon we went to a river that had a rock that you could jump off of. Brett had so much fun doing back flips and dives off of it. Of course I had fun watching. The water was freezing but it was all a lot of fun. We left a little earlier then the rest to break up the drive going back. We went to Brett's parents house which was a 4 1/2 hour drive of Kaiya crying almost the entire time, poor girl. Then we ended the camping weekend out right, in the hot tub. We headed home the next day and just relaxed before going to go play games with some friends. What a busy fun weekend. Thanks Leslie for Planning the camping trip for the Fam, Thanks Mom and Dad for the hot tub and everything else you did for us this weekend. Thanks Brett for putting up with Kaiya in I in the car that long. :)

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