Saturday, September 6, 2008

Tropical Storm Hanna

Was a total DUD! We were actually pretty excited about it. The rain started pretty early on Friday and was off and on pouring. But as it got closer the rain died down and the wind picked up. The eye of the storm was suppose to pass us around 3 in the morning. We waited up for it, but because the internet and TV was out we didn't know it had taken turn and headed more inland. So we waited for nothing but a lot of wind. Finally closer to 4 we just couldn't stay up any longer and headed to bed. Today we went down to the beach to check things out. You couldn't tell at all anything had happened but they did have people out and ready. Oh well we at least got to stay up and spend some time together.

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Julie Winder said...

I am sorry for the disappointment, but I am glad you are safe and sound. These pictures make me miss the beach. love you pants by the way!