Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Sick Sick and more Sick

And trust me you will be happy their are no pictures with this post. Last Wednesday Kaiya had a temperature that was off and on until Friday. Then started the Blow out Diapers and Throwing up. If that wasn't enough, then on Saturday I got it. YAY! I was in bed all day, besides running to the bathroom to throw up. Thank goodness to Brett, who cleaned the whole apartment and took care of Kaiya. When I finally felt like I could at least sit up Saturday night it was Brett's turn. He spent the whole night back and forth to the bathroom. While I was up off and on through the night with Kaiya. Sunday morning both still not feeling all that great laid around the house while Kaiya slept. We did manage to get out to the park Sunday afternoon to try to shake off the sickness. But Monday and Today we are back to not feeling so good. Poor Kaiya has been throwing up still, but much much less, I wish I could say the same for her Diapers. Let just say its been a rough week. But one a positive note. Kaiya has learned to climb up on things. It's so cute. Except at bed time. Which now she crawls to the side of the crib climbs up and yells out ( not crying, just Yelling) for someone to come play.


brent and julie winder said...

ahhh, I am sorry Em. That sounds just awful. Having sick little ones is the worst. I hope you get feeling better really soon. I hope you are drinking at least Gatorade:)

sarah hornacek said...

i'm so sorry to hear you are having such a yucky, sick week! it really is so hard to be sick while taking care of a sick baby. getting rest just isn't as easy! i hope you both feel better soon!

chantigirl said...

Bummer! Sick babies are heartbreaking! And I know I'm lame...an update is truly needed, in more ways that one. I'll get on it...later. :}