Saturday, October 30, 2010

Happy Halloween

We love halloween, who couldn't. Our neighbors really get into it with a very haunted yard and it just is so contagious. I will have to post pictures tomorrow of the yards. But I thought I would post about our halloween festivities so far. We had a Really Fun halloween party on Friday night with tons of friends and their kids. We BBQ and had lots of fun scary snacks. I made eyeballs. They were suppose to be covered in white chocolate but I couldn't get it to melt right. Oh well I thought they still turned out pretty cool. Kaiya was tinker bell. How could she not be with her littleness and her blonde hair. She loved it and told everyone that she was tinker bell. Tonight we went to the church where we had our annual Chilli Cook off and trunk or treat. It was so much fun. We have really enjoyed being part of such a wonderful ward here in Wilmington. Well enough with the chatting and on to the pictures.

My Cute little Tinkerbell!

Love my Tinkerbell just wish her eyes were open :)

There is a new Sheriff in town

Our scary trunk, Thanks to the neighbors for letting us use their props.

Brett did such a good job on his Pumpkin this year!

Yummy Eyeballs

She caught on so well this year to saying "trick or treat" She even said "Thank You" when she got her candy.


Julie Winder said...

ahhh, cute pictures. Em. you look gorgeous in green. Love your sweater. I love fall:) Yes, kaiya does make the cutest little Tinker Bell! That does sound like you had a festive weekend!

Kimberly Weich, Escential Consultant said...

Kaiya is so very sweet as a TinkerBell. :o)