Monday, February 21, 2011

Were having a ....

So today we got to go in for a ultrasound. It wasn't at a medical place so they couldn't give me any updates on the complications I have been having. BUT we didn't get to take a look at our sweet little one. The tech was AWESOME and took so much time with us. In the end she had printed 13 pictures for us and even gave Kaiya a copy of the last one I posted. It was cute the tech told Kaiya look that's your baby sister and Kaiya said "oh that's great!" She was so excited about her. She keeps asking me now if she can hold a picture of her little sister Alaina. Which by the way is going to be her name Alaina Rose Shurtleff. We were so happy she was a girl. Of course I would take any healthy baby, but we really wanted a little sister for Kaiya. We also had NO boy names that we liked haha. So here are the pictures, make sure you check out the last one it's my favorite.

Still sucking on that thumb!

Sitting down shot, She is all girl!

Profile shot

Throw your hands up :)

Her back

At the end of our ultrasound she said she was going to try and see if she could get her to waive by to Kaiya. When she did she got this awesome picture of Alaina's Hand.


Travis and Celena said...

So cute and exciting! I love the little hand picture and lucky you to get 13 pictures. I told the ultrasound tech that I was a scrapbooker and I would love to take as many pictures as she would give me. I got 5 and I was happy. Yeah you got your little girl!

Misty said...

Sooo excited for you! Congrats! I love the pictures, so cute.

Jess said...

I add to Kaiya....."oh that is soooo great!" Congrats mamma of two!

Jacinta said...

Congrats! I love the pic of her hand.
So cute!