Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Catching Up

Oh I feel like such an awful Mom. I feel like life took off there for awhile and left me in the dust always playing catch up. I feel awful that I haven't shared much about my sweet little Alaina and the joy that she has brought to our life. Where to even begin....

Well Alaina is 6 months now, wow that went fast. She has just the sweetest personality. She is such a HAPPY baby. If she isn't laughing, she is usually quiet. Except when she starts to get really tired, then she just babbles. We have started Alaina on solid foods, and man does she love them. It's so different from the constant fight I am use to to get Kaiya to eat. Alaina has been sleeping through the night now since about two months. Although she hasn't quiet gotten the memo that this family is not one of early risers.

Now for a quick update on Kaiya. OH MY GOODNESS!! this girl just keeps me on my feet. She is actually a really good girl. She just loves to reason with you for everything. The other night I put her to bed at 8am. She didn't go to sleep until after midnight. She had every excuse in the book for why she just couldn't sleep. Too much on her mind, she needed to watch 3 shows because she is 3. You name it. Man I love this girl! Kaiya does Joy school, a home preschool that me and some Mom's rotate teaching.

As for me I finally graduated from something. I got two associates, one in general education and the other in Pre Psychology. I am still sewing but other wise taking a break and trying to just be Mom, I love it. I have also started really focusing on my Health. After shedding all of the baby weight from Alaina I decided it was time to start working on the rest. Currently I am down 33 pounds from my pre Alaina weight and I have 41 to go to reach my goal. Along the way I have learned to LOVE to run. I try and get out about 3 times a week running any where from 3.4 to 5 miles. I have also found ways to eat healthy and enjoy it too. I am feel so much more energized and good about myself and I love it!

Brett has been working hard to help out our family. He is such an Awesome Father and Husband! He has applied to a few different Nursing Programs and we should be hearing back soon. School won't start until Next fall. We are actually getting ready to pack up all of our stuff put it in storage and head out on an adventure. We are going to Utah for 3 weeks to visit. then stay with Brett's parents for 2 before we head to Nashville TN for the summer. Brett is going to be selling Pest Control while me and the girls explore a new city, hang out at a pool and Miss Daddy a lot. Hopefully this will bring a lot of oppertunities to our family.

Well that is a quick update on life. I am going to try hard to be better and posting. I want my girls to have a record of our life and our little family.

Here are a few pictures..

Family Time

Kaiya and I

Alaina Loves her food

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Travis and Celena said...

Yeah a new post! So glad to finally read what has been going on. Can wait to see your face next month. :0)