Saturday, October 20, 2007


wow I miss you guys so much. It's true what they say you don't really appreciate something until its gone. The first thing that comes to mind, (which I hate to say) my parents were right. When you get older the fighting stops and your sisters become your best friends. Even though mine are so far away from me, I think they will always be some of my best friends. I just got done reading everyones blogs. I realize I am missing so much. I want you all to know how much I love you. Its hard (very) being across the country from everyone. I know it would be easy just to come home. But after reading my pacharcial blessing again yesterday I know I am where I am supppose to be. I just wish it wasn't so hard to be away from you guys. Mom I love that I can call you all the time, and for those few minutes on the phone I feel like you aren't so far away. I know I wasn't the easiest kid, haha I am probably still not, but thanks for always putting up with me. Brett gave me a blessing the other night cause I had been struggleing being away from all of you. Let me first say how greatful I am that I have a husband that can give me a blessing. That is a blessing in it self. With that said, in the blessing he told me that heavenly father wanted to me to know that my family loves me as much as I love them. So that must be a lot since I love all of you a whole lot. My best friend and her husband out here just found out she is pregnant. So yesterday we went looking at baby stuff. I was telling her how bummed I was when I realized I wouldn't get to be around my sisters when I am prego. She also comes from a big family (7), and told me she is way from her family too. That is why God made us find each other so we could be each others sisters. In the short time I have know Goldy and her Husband ( who is just like Brett) I have already grown to love them both very much and know I wouldn't be able to make it out here with out them. Its nice feeling like I have some kind of family out here. But of course she will never take the place of my own sisters. I also have really fun sister in laws, they are all very different and I seem to always find a way to connect with each of them in a different area and an amazing mother in law. I can honestly say she is my friend, which is what I have always wanted in a mother in law. I am just so greatful that my havenly father gave me a way that I can be with all of you forever.

I appreciate and love you all very much.

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Anneka said...

em, I loved your post..made me sad and happy. I do wish you were closer, it would be fun to go to lunch and visit more often, plus the girls love you guys..but, I am glad you have Brett and his family which bring you so much joy! Keep are an awesome writer! I hope you have a good day! love ya julie