Wednesday, October 3, 2007

What's Missing?

Well Brett and I decided something was missing. Let me first say we wanted to wait a few years before having kids. But lately I have been feeling like something was missing, a baby. So Brett and I decided to pray and fast about it last Sunday. Well that night I had a dream. It was a very simple dream but gave us the answer we needed. I was just sitting there holding a baby. No name, no gender, just a baby. But I was so happy in my dream. Then when I woke up I felt sad. So we decided that it must be time for us to bring a little baby shurtleff to our family. I am not pregnant yet. We are hoping to change that soon.


Brent and Julie said...

emmy you did awesome. I love your blogspot and so glad you did one. I am going to put a link to it on my site. You learned very quickly! Yeah!

Hight Family said...

Emily! I am so excited for you guys, I love you! You are such a sweet friend and sister.
I have a blog too now, but I haven't put anything on there. I need to get on it.
I will call you sometime next week so we can chat, what is the best time to call you?


Shari said...

I am trying to keep up with this blog stuff. ITs kind of hard to find time. Yours turned out really cute. You are great with creative writing. I am horrible. hopefully everyone will just look at pictures. :)