Monday, April 28, 2008

7 and a half months pregnant, 30 weeks

So I am about 7 and a half months pregnant. But in the last week I have had 2 friends have babies and a sister in law. Along with being really uncomfortable, I am very anxious for Kaiya to get here. I know she isn't ready yet. So I can only hope time goes by fast. I don't know if I have mentioned yet that as of now I will have to have a C section. I have a placenta Previa that they thought would fix itself. At my last Ultra sound ( 28 weeks) they said it was still there. I have another Ultra sound at 33 weeks to see if it has moved or not. If it hasn't then they will schedule me for a C section anywhere between 34 weeks and 38. When they told me I took it a lot harder then I thought I would. I kept crying through out the day. I am sure the pregnant hormones didn't help. Since then I am trying to look for the positive in it. Like I will get to meet my little girl sooner. I also won't have to go through the pain of Contractions and Delivery. But the thought of being cut open on the table, while I am still awake does scare me. Also I hear the recovery time is longer. Thank goodness I have such a supportive husband. Brett is so good to take care of me. I know with working full time and going to school full time it wares on him. Even though he is tired and probably sore himself, he is always good to listen to me complain. I also can't help but love that he is a massage therapist. But I think we are both just ready for her to get here. Anyways, I guess if I have made it 30 weeks I can make it 7 to 10 more.

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