Sunday, April 19, 2009

Brett's Amazing Birthday weekend

So on Brett's birthday we just had a couple friends over and I attempted at making him a cake that looked like a fish in water.
I don't think it turned out so great, oh well. Then On Friday we woke up kinda early and headed to Columbia South Carolina and went to the Zoo.
Brett by the way LOVES Zoo's. When we first got there we watched the Bears Play Fight. It was so fun to see them so lively. Then there was a huge turtle that let Kaiya get up close. Who she tried to feed her food to. But I think her favorite was the Cow. She kept trying to smack it and bite it's ear haha. It was a lot of fun. Then we Drove to Charlotte North Carolina and stayed with Brett's awesome sister Cathi's family. Had dinner and watched a movie.

Then in the morning we woke up and Brett and I went to Carowinds while Cathi Watched Kaiya for us ( I told you she is awesome). Carowinds for those of you who don't know is a six flags amusement park. It was sooo much fun. We have been wanting to go forever. We went on a tub ride and of course my seat went under the waterfall and I was soaked. It was only in the mid 70's so I never really dried off. But oh well it was still a lot of fun. Now it's sunday and we are off to a Surprise Party for Brett with Friends, so I will have to post about that tomorrow.

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Celena said...

What a fun little vay-cay. I love the Zoo too. I just wish I could get Travis to go with me. I think he will enjoy it more when we have a little one to take a long.