Thursday, April 16, 2009


This was like two nights after we met in person

Such an awesome Dad!

I am sooo excited that it's Brett's birthday. Today is Brett's 28th Birthday! So I will give you 28 reason I love him sooo much.

1. Man can he make me laugh, even when I don't feel like it.
2. He is an AMAZING Dad!
3. He lets me sleep in on the weekends, ( but secretly I think its so he can watch cartoons with Kaiya) no matter what I love him for it.
4. That he'll Play the same games over and over with me even when he doesn't want to because he knows it makes me happy.
5. How much he loves and cares about his family. Especially each one of his 7 sisters.
6. How much he loves his Savior
7. His love for my family
8. His Testimony
9. That he truly cares about me.
10. His eyes
11. His smile
12. His Patience with me.
13. That he puts up with my pile of clothes on the chair in our room haha
14. His love for our Country. The guy loves America!!
15. His desire to keep improving himself and his life.
16. That he lets me talk, and those of you reading this know me and know that is a big chore.
17. His willingness to serve others
18. He is sooo easy going, and willing to just go with the flow
19. That he hates staying inside all the time and makes us get out and do fun things.
20. That he is willing to try new things
21. How spontaneous he can be and is always ready for an adventure.
22. That he drove all the way across the country to meet me
23. That he stuck with me through pregnancy haha, which was rough
24. That he gives a great massage, for me its free the rest of you its 60 dollars an hour ;)
25. That he loves road trips
26. This one may sound dumb, but that he does play a lot of video games haha
27. His Cup is always half full. The guy always is looking on the bright side
28. That he is my best friend!!!!

Man do I love this man. For those of you that know some of the trials I have been through in my past know just how lucky I am to have found Brett.


Celena said...

Happy Birthday Brett!

Charlotte said...

Hi! I didn't know you guys had this blog, I came across it on the Shurtleff clan site. This post is so sweet! It's so great to hear of the love you guys have for each other. Awww!!! Happy Birthday Brett (like 2 weeks ago, but it still counts right :). Your little girl is soooo cute. And her name Kaiya Lily, love it! Later!