Monday, June 23, 2008


Daddy and Kaiya at the Dr. Daddy trying to keep her warm

well today we had a few first with our little one.

We took her to her first Dr appointment. Which I was really proud of us, after a night of no sleep we got there on time. It was a quick appointment. She cried the whole time, poor girl. She was starting to get hungry and was very cold. They weighed her which she is now 5 pounds 2 ounces. But the Dr said it was okay but we have to bring her back on Wednesday for another weigh in. She also peed on the Dr. Go Kaiya haha.

Kaiya also got her first bath today. It's actually a funny story. I was changing her diaper and got her all cleaned up. I was waiting for Daddy to bring me one to put on her. Right when I got it she started to pee all over me, the bobby herself, everything. So Brett grabbed me a towel and another diaper. I got her all cleaned up when she then shot, literally shot pooh all over me and across the whole couch. I must of had her bum aimed just right cause it seriously went straight across the whole couch. We had a few things on the couch that saved the couch for the most part. But after that we decided it was bath time. She didn't really like the bath but you can see that in her video. After her bath we got her wrapped up in a towel when she then decided to pooh in her towel. Well I am not worried anymore if she is getting enough to eat.

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