Thursday, June 12, 2008

Ready or Not

For those of you who don't know, since around 28 weeks of pregnancy I have been itching really really serverly. So bad I can't sleep at night, sit in cars, just can't sit still. Some said oh thats just being pregnant, other its the North Carolina Humidity ( which I am sure doesn't help) but Finally on Tuesday they figured it out. I have cholestasis of pregnancy. Which to make it easy means bile salts get into my blood stream and make me itch sooo bad. Now it can also have some effects on my little Kaiya. They don't know exactly what but resulting in Still Born. So I have been going to the Dr twice a week to have her monitored. They have finally decided to induce me early as I am headed into the safe end of Pregnancy. I go in tomorrow for another monitor and to be checked. If they feel I am ready then off we go. If not they have me sit to be admit Monday night and will have a baby by Tuesday. AHHH Now am I really Ready?

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